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The Sustainable Livelihood Institute is a unique initiative by the Government of Tamil Nadu- It is the only Institute of its kind in all of South Asia offering Sustainable Livelihood Capacity Building solutions. The Institute conceptualizes, designs, organizes and delivers programmes for skill, knowledge and perspective building on sustainable livelihoods to the officials of the Rural Development Department as well as leaders of the Rural Communities. It has been developed to deliver successful, equitable and environment friendly livelihood solutions for the state of Tamil nadu.    Read more...

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  • Herbs for Primary Health Care

    Rural biota provides a rich source of herbs many of which with little processing may be used to address the primary healthcare needs of the local community. This programme is meant for the community and provides them with a live example of a community based enterprise that has been evolved in Auroville. Faculty: Parvathy, Dr. Vijalakshmi, …More

  • Sustainable Agriculture –  Introduction

    An orientation programme to the principles and practices of Sustainable Agriculture. Faculty:   Pamayan, Tomas, Herbert, Krishnamurthy, Krishna Mckenzie, Lourdes Nadin Epinal, Jeff Goodchild

  • Sustainable Agriculture –Advanced

    An advanced programme on Sustainable Agriculture that is custom designed for specific region and district needs to promote / practice sustainable agriculture. Faculty:   Pamayan, Dr. Lucas Dengal, Krishnamurthy, Jeff Goodchild

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and opportunities in Auroville

    An orientation to the sustainable solutions and processes available at Auroville that may be effectively used for achieving the SDGs. This programme is meant for the PD, PO, DPM, Head Office and higher level officials of the Rural Development Department. Faculty: Joss Brooks, Ramsubramanian, Deepti Tiwari, Fiff Farnandes, Hamish, Lourdes Nadin Epinal, Manu Gopal, Jeff Goodchild, Tomas, Kathy, Satprem, Bernard

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  • Nattuvithai Yoganathan

    Nattuvithai Yoganathan

    Nattuvithai Yoganathan: Yoganathan, an ardent follower of Nammazhvar, from Tirunerkunndram next to Musiri Taluk of Trichy District. Travelled around the country and collecting the seeds of the indigenous varieties of vegetables. He grows them in his field and share with farmers to promote. He has restored more than 50 varieties of the rare indigenous seeds of vegetables.


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