Working with us

SLI offers exciting opportunities for students and professionals to work and learn on rural livelihood projects and initiatives. As an unique institution located in the beautiful environment of Auroville, SLI provides the ideal location for learning.

Volunteering– Volunteers are welcome for a short term of 2 to 4 weeks for dedicated projects to a longer duration of 6 months to 1 year for more regular activities. We ask that short-term volunteers take care of their travel, accommodation and food needs, while SLI can partly support long-term volunteers.

Internships – Internship opportunities are offered to students in any of the domains of studies that are related to sustainable livelihoods. Students may intern with specific SLI team members or faculty within Auroville during their internship period. Interns and universities are requested to write independently stating their learning expectations, duration and course details to Susmita Chatterjee at

Institutional – Educational institutions in management, social sciences, development studies, livelihood, rural management, rural development, social entrepreneurship, etc., are welcome to send their students as part of the course to learn at SLI and live in a rural ambience. Individual course facilitators are requested to write to SLI regarding the same to Ramasubramanian at