SLI Governing Structure & Governance

As per the Government Order (download G.O.) from the Government of Tamilnadu, SLI is to be formed as an independent Society with participation from the Government of Tamilnadu and Auroville Foundation. The details of the Society will be provided in this page. During the interim preparation period of the Institute, the Government has formed an Interim Committee. Mr. Joss Brooks from Auroville is the Chairperson for this Committee and it consists of the following members:

Project Director, Dist. Rural Development Authority, Villupuram
Project Officer, MATHI, Villupuram
Member, Executive Committee, IRD Unit  Auroville, Sangamam trust Auroville
Director, SLI
Liaison Officer, SLI appointed by the Government of Tamilnadu
Finance manger SLI

Auroville advisory committee for SLI in December 2017, Auroville has created an Auroville advisory committee under the chairmanship of the secretary Auroville foundation and consisting of the following members
1. Secretary Auroville foundation (chair person)
2. Mr.Alain Bernard, trustee, Sangamam trust
3. Mr.Carel , Aurovillan
4. Ms.Divya kapur, trustee Sangamam trust
5. Mr.Hementh Lamba, Aurovillan
6. Mr.Joss Brooks, trustee Sangamam trust
7. Mr.Srinivasa Murthy, under secretary AV foundation
8. Ms.Suhasini ayar , trustee Sangamam trust
9. Director SLI, Member secretary