1.Community based Enterprises: Marketing and Branding

One large challenge for rural community based enterprises is the inadequate emphasis on understanding, responding and effectively communicating to the market. The community members and government officials engaged in creating and engaging in community enterprises are provided an orientation and helped with evolving their own marketing and branding by a panel of experts through this programme.

Faculty: Mr. olaganathan, Parthasharathy, Nick Klotz, Ramsubramanian, Kathy, Okjeong Lee

2.Clinic for Community Enterprises

A clinic helps to diagnose and prescribe remedies for ailments of a body. The clinic for community enterprise is a regular programme in which the community enterprises are diagnosed for challenges and prescribed  remedial measures to ensure the success of the enterprise. The faculty are also available for a follow-up visit to the districts

Faculty:  Mr. olaganathan, Parthasharathy,  Nick, Ramsubramanian

3.Build Free – Introduction

Auroville specializes in building utilizing locally available materials, apart from adopting waste materials. This  training mainly focused on the materials available locally instead using harmful materials for the environment and train rural communities to gain knowledge on that.

Faculty:  Manu, Satprem, Lara, Ayyappam,

4.Build Free – Advanced

The advanced training mainly focused on hands on training to equip rural communities on alternative building constructions.

Faculty: Manu, Satprem, Lara

5.Sustainable & Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is a recent trend to evolve socially relevant enterprises. Sustainable & Social Entrepreneurship programme provides a comprehensive entrepreneur programme. The programme is linked also to a mentorship after the programme.

Faculty:  Ramsubramanian, Mr. olaganathan, Parthasharathy, Nick Klotz


6.Designing & Evolving Community based Sustainable Enterprises: Project Management

Project Management practices and principles specifically tailored to the designing and evolving of community based rural enterprises that are sustainable. Includes,design tools, planning methods, monitoring and review mechanisms, indicators, milestones, etc., Meant for ruraldevelopment officials involved in designing and managing projects.

Faculty: Ramsubramanian, Mr. olaganathan, Parthasharathy, Nick Klotz,

7.Alternative Building Techniques

Auroville provides a large example of eco-friendly building technologies, materials and architecture. This programme can be customized for both the officials and rural communities.

Faculty: Manu, Satprem, Lara